The right tool for the right job

Have you got the right tool?


  1. Prepare (Generate): Research by searching and corroborating accurate information across disparate sources (the Internet, emails, Slack channels, legacy databases). Manually copy and paste information with source citations across sources. Break down industry specific jargons, contextualise and synthesise the information to generate the first draft on Microsoft Word
  2. Prepare (Negotiate): Play email squash to seek inputs and suggestions from senior journalists. Remind non-responsive and non-cooperative senior journalists to respond. At the same time, manually redact content to create different draft versions for different stakeholders
  3. Sign: Get final drafts approvals from management
  4. Act (Send): Manually type and organise email addresses into groups to send the approved article versions
  5. Manage: Manually save and organise articles into shared folders (not tagged for future searching…)


Finding the right tool

Providing the right tool

Building the right tool




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